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About False Cuts
cut v. cut, cut·ting, cuts
To divide (a deck of cards) into two parts, as in completing a shuffle or in exposing a card at random.
To divide a pack of cards into two parts, especially in order to make a chance decision or selection.
The dealer divides the deck of cards into two parts and then inverts them after they have been shuffled.
false adj. fals·er, fals·est
Contrary to fact or truth Deliberately untrue, Intentionally deceptive
Not genuine or real
In a treacherous or faithless manner: play a person false.

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The whole idea behind this website site is that I create a community where card magicians can exchange card tricks.

"If you have the knowledge, why not share it, if it brings you new knowledge?" When I started doing magic, all I knew where a few self working tricks that my neighbor showed me. Now I know more tricks then I ever will be able to perform. But there is still the hunger for new tricks. And I can imagine that more people experience this hunger.

The general idea at the moment is that you need to provide tricks in order to get tricks.
It is not my intention to spoil secrets to layman or to prevent people from making money if they invented a great trick. If you take the effort and search the web you will be able to find many secrets and tricks for free. So why not create a database of tricks and their secrets, that is accessible by people that have the same passion for card magic as I do. It will be an easy accessible storage of tricks and yes you will need to make some effort to get access. So if layman, who don't have any knowledge of magic signup, they probably won't submit any tricks, and therefore won't get access to the real secrets.

If anyone has suggestions or remarks please don't hessitate to contact me via the contact page.

Best regards,

Owner, Moderator


This site went officially ive on the 5th of April 2005, 5 days after the idea was born. At the moment it is written in ASP and uses a MySQL database. It runs on ISS 6.0 web server at a pc at my home.

The site is best viewed in Internet Explorer, but it will work in Firefox.

We currently have 3 moderators and all of then are card enthusiasts.

The original idea came from Bas Pisa (Tabasco) and he is the creator of this website. All copyrights belong to Bas Pisa 2005-2006

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We are not responsible for the content on this website, due to the fact that people can freely post tricks, messages and comments.
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