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The versions

Version 3.6 - 25th of October 2006
  • Cookies now remember your login name, so you don't have to type it every time you visit.
Version 3.5 - 14th of September 2006
  • Fixed small issue with rating system.
  • Nickname in welcome message now links to your profile page.
  • Fixed error on submit a trick page with linking to tricks already submitted.
  • Added sorting option to search result pages.
  • Added sorting option to trick index pages.
Version 3.4 - 6th of September 2006
  • Fixed major issue with rating bar in IE. Now you give a rating after you have scrolled the page. Please let me know it it isn't working in your browser.
Version 3.3 - 4th of September 2006
  • Fixed issue with adding images, they are now showed correctly.
  • Fixed issue with losing nickname when posting a comment.
  • adjusted videoCode box, so only embeded code is allowed.
Version 3.2 - 1st of September 2006
  • Fixed minor javascript error in rating module.
  • Added FC.contest.
  • Added Trick of the week.
Version 3.1 - 24th of August 2006
  • fixed issue with screen selection (800 or bigger) site now loads correct and remembers referer.
  • fixed minor issue in the newsletter.
  • fixed minor issue onlineuser module so the site loads faster.
  • fixed issue trick database.
  • fixed major issue of single quotes in trick description.
  • We still have a huge problem with the newsletter mailer, so only 33% of the member recieved the newsletter, so that will be our priority for now.
Version 3.0 - 23th of August 2006
  • complete re-design.
    • new colors.
    • new images and banners.
    • got rid of most tables and replaced them with DIVs.
    • got rid of most all the IFRAMES.
    • updated the stylesheets, fixed some minor bugs.
    • Firefox and Internet Explorer look similair now.
    • new screensize (1024x768 and larger).
    • re-designed old screensize (800x600).
    • made all font types similair.
    • re-colored Google addSense banners.
  • Moderators.
    • added moderator tool bar (mod pages).
    • added level upgrade while trick is rejected (mod pages).
    • added news management (mod pages).
    • added links management (mod pages).
    • added FAQs management (mod pages).
    • added rejected trick management (mod pages).
    • added video management (mod pages).
    • fixed newsletter management (mod pages).
    • introduced admin role (mod pages).
    • added news management (mod pages).
    • edit tricks on trick pages (mod pages).
    • edit users on user pages (mod pages).
  • Tricks.
    • added photo upload and usage of pictures on trick pages.
    • added video upload and usage of a video on trick pages.
    • added YouTube video upload on trick pages.
    • added Google video upload on trick pages.
    • added video icons in trick indexes and search results.
    • fixed comments size.
    • fixed links to images in trick pages.
    • added storage of rejected tricks, so you have time to re-submit the rejected trick.
  • added submit button.
    • you can now submit your own e-book to gain levels.
    • you can now submit your guides to gain levels.
    • you can now submit your suggestions and ideas to gain levels.
    • you can now donate to help and get levels in return as a 'thank you'.
  • updated the content in general.
  • added version page (this page).
  • updated advanced search so you can search for tricks with video.
  • added terms of use and privacy notice.
  • fixed security bug in update profile page.
  • updated profile page, you now can change your username (e-mail).
  • added shop button for future shop (
  • added modRewrite in .htacces, this means that you have easier to understand links (i.e. /m/home/p/aboutus/ (was /index.php?contentLink=somelink&menu=someMenu&andMore&andEvenMore)).
  • added short links to trickpages (i.e. /trick-2364).
  • added random quotes entered by members.
  • improved Google addSense and minimized banners.
  • updated FAQs pages.
  • updated news page.
  • added online newsletter page.
  • added MSN avatar to guides/funpages.
  • added Google Analytics.
  • lost password link always visable when not logged in.
Version 2.3 - 30th of July 2006
  • fixed hotmail issue (not receiving activation mail).
Version 2.2 - 16th of January 2006
  • added top 10 tricks.
  • added top 10 users.
  • updated the rating system, tricks now need five ratings to appear in the lists.
  • you can't rate your own tricks anymore.
  • We moved to a new hosting provider (
Version 2.1 - 14th of July 2005
  • new search functionallity added, bassed on trick ratings.
  • added resend functionallity for inactive users (mod pages).
  • added inactive user management (mod pages).
Version 2.0 - 8th of July 2005
  • We re-launched, all coding is now done in PHP.
  • added trick ratings.
  • added poll system.
  • added newsletter mail constructor.
  • improved banner exchange.
  • added more guides.
Version 1.2 - 28th of April 2005
  • added comment functionallity.
  • re-designed menu structure, too make it fater.
  • fixed cookie issues in Firefox.
  • added print functionallity.
  • added page flipper.
  • added reference at trick pages and trick submit page.
Version 1.1 - 10th of April 2005
  • added search functionallity.
  • added banner exchange.
  • re-design on the colors.
  • added into the indexes of
Version 1.0 - 6th of April 2005
  • added user managent (mod pages).
  • added trick managent (mod pages).
  • added banner managent (mod pages).
  • fixed some minor issues.
Version 0.9 - 5th of April 2005
  • first release of
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