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User Info

Nickname:  CocoKrunch
Membership Level: Platinum
E-mail :
Moderator: No
Location: Great Britain
Type of magic: card + closeup
Quote: "Success always occurs in private, and failure in full view." Murphy´s laws 
member since: 29th of May 2005
Account activated: yes

Tricks submitted by CocoKrunch

# of tricks submitted: 30
11 CardsTrick Index: Emerald
A Card Trick Without CardsTrick Index: Crystal
AleaqueTrick Index: Diamond
AmendementTrick Index: Stone
Combo OpenerTrick Index: Stone
Easy Mind ReadingTrick Index: Sapphire
Et Vice VersaTrick Index: Crystal
Gladlock The Great Knows AllTrick Index: Stone
HallucinationTrick Index: Diamond
Magic BreathTrick Index: Sapphire
Magic ComboTrick Index: Crystal
MathemagicianTrick Index: Crystal
Men!Trick Index: Diamond
MistoTrick Index: Sapphire
Neither - NorTrick Index: Sapphire
Paper and PredictionsTrick Index: Crystal
Pick For MeTrick Index: Stone
PsychicTrick Index: Crystal
Quiz 4 DummiesTrick Index: Sapphire
Ransomed BackTrick Index: Stone
Roman trickTrick Index: Emerald
spelling beeTrick Index: Sapphire
TelepathyTrick Index: Crystal
The Do´s and Don´ts of cheatingTrick Index: Diamond
The Seventh CardTrick Index: Sapphire
The Turn around card trickTrick Index: Crystal
The worst Card Player EverTrick Index: Diamond
Too simple, Too goodTrick Index: Stone
What the...Trick Index: Sapphire
Yes Or NoTrick Index: Sapphire

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