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Nickname:  Myst360
Membership Level: Platinum
E-mail : Blocked
Moderator: No
Website: http://http:/ 
Location: Greenland
Type of magic: ALL
Quote: "Magic can truly change ones life, if they learn to preform it" 
member since: 29th of December 2005
Account activated: yes

Tricks submitted by Myst360

# of tricks submitted: 189
A Baffling SpellTrick Index: Crystal
A Club or Stage Mental NumberTrick Index: Gold
A Daytime NightmareTrick Index: Emerald
A Magical Card Production Trick Index: Bronze
A Mediumistic Stunt Trick Index: Crystal
A Noble Reverse DiscoveryTrick Index: Iron
A Shuffled Spelling Bee TrickTrick Index: Sapphire
All-Alike DisplayTrick Index: Emerald
Amazing Reversed Court CardTrick Index: Crystal
An Unwitting WizardTrick Index: Crystal
Annemann´s No Title Trick Index: Crystal
Another Thought SpellingTrick Index: Iron
Anti-Gravity CardTrick Index: Sapphire
Asher´s RicochetTrick Index: Gold
Automatic SpellerTrick Index: Iron
Axis Color ChangeTrick Index: Gold
Behind the SpectatorTrick Index: Sapphire
Black Magic CardTrick Index: Silver
Blaze Cut TutorialTrick Index: Crystal
Boomerang CardTrick Index: Iron
Bottom Deal DaleyTrick Index: Bronze
CapturedTrick Index: Crystal
Card BalanceTrick Index: Bronze
Card CloneTrick Index: Silver
Card QuestTrick Index: Stone
Card Through Close-Up MatTrick Index: Gold
Card Through MonitorTrick Index: Silver
Card Trick SupremeTrick Index: Emerald
Cards from SilkTrick Index: Silver
Chameleon CardTrick Index: Bronze
Collectors : ReduxTrick Index: Gold
CountdownTrick Index: Crystal
Criss Angel´s Coin IN CanTrick Index: Gold
Curious Coincidence Trick Index: Sapphire
Cut in DetectionTrick Index: Bronze
Danish ForceTrick Index: Sapphire
Deja Vu Trick Index: Sapphire
Do as I Do: In the DarkTrick Index: Stone
Dollar To HundredTrick Index: Platinum
Dollar to Hundred (Original)Trick Index: Gold
Double PredictionTrick Index: Sapphire
Double-ShockTrick Index: Sapphire
Duplicating CardTrick Index: Iron
Elbow CatchTrick Index: Iron
Electric MindTrick Index: Crystal
Everywhere and NowhereTrick Index: Emerald
Exit 24Trick Index: Crystal
Extreme Self-ControlTrick Index: Iron
Eye-Popper Card FeatTrick Index: Sapphire
Face-Down DetectionTrick Index: Stone
Find the QueenTrick Index: Sapphire
Five Card FanTrick Index: Emerald
Five Card Mental ForceTrick Index: Sapphire
Flustration Count (Variation)Trick Index: Iron
G. W. Hunter´s Twelve Card Transposition Trick Index: Gold
Geir Bratlie´s InfusionTrick Index: Diamond
Halarious FinishTrick Index: Bronze
Hand TO Hand Palm ChangeTrick Index: Bronze
Hands off the Pack!Trick Index: Iron
Harmony of NumbersTrick Index: Crystal
Houdini´s Ace TrapTrick Index: Bronze
Houdini’s Card ReleaseTrick Index: Sapphire
Impossible CrossingTrick Index: Diamond
Impromptu Rising Card TrickTrick Index: Bronze
Impromptu Spell ItTrick Index: Stone
Improved ChevalierTrick Index: Stone
In ReverseTrick Index: Crystal
Infinity Cut TutorialTrick Index: Bronze
Infusion Video TutorialTrick Index: Sapphire
Infusion-ExtremeTrick Index: Sapphire
Invisible Palm Video TutorialTrick Index: Emerald
Invisible TransitTrick Index: Crystal
Joker SpellerTrick Index: Stone
Joker Spelling (Variation)Trick Index: Stone
Just ThinkTrick Index: Iron
Keystone Card DiscoveryTrick Index: Stone
Killer Time Travel TrickTrick Index: Sapphire
Knock ´Em DeadTrick Index: Diamond
Knock-OutTrick Index: Bronze
Leon Maguire´s Card Trick Trick Index: Sapphire
Lloyd´s Dr. Jekyll & Mr. HydeTrick Index: Bronze
Magic ThrustTrick Index: Bronze
Magician vs. GamblerTrick Index: Silver
MeldTrick Index: Sapphire
Mentalex?Trick Index: Bronze
Mentalist Card StaggererTrick Index: Sapphire
MentaloTrick Index: Stone
New Half-Pack ReverseTrick Index: Crystal
New Palm of Top Card-Color ChangeTrick Index: Crystal
NinesTrick Index: Emerald
Non-Prediction Trick Index: Diamond
Novel Beginning for Four Ace TrickTrick Index: Iron
One Hand Fancy DealTrick Index: Iron
Only Time Will TellTrick Index: Stone
Opnick´s DozenTrick Index: Iron
Original Swami TestTrick Index: Gold
Paint-Brush Color ChangeTrick Index: Iron
ParanoidTrick Index: Silver
Poker Players DreamTrick Index: Emerald
Punk´dTrick Index: Gold
Quadruple Pack MysteryTrick Index: Gold
Quaint HappeningTrick Index: Silver
Quartette Trick Index: Iron
Ray Kosby´s Raise RiseTrick Index: Diamond
Razer Cut TutorialTrick Index: Bronze
ReadTrick Index: Bronze
Reading the CardsTrick Index: Crystal
ReturnedTrick Index: Iron
Reversa CardTrick Index: Crystal
Reversal of FormTrick Index: Silver
Royale with CheeseTrick Index: Emerald
Sagacious Joker N°1Trick Index: Emerald
Sagacious Joker N°2 Trick Index: Emerald
Sagacious Joker N°3 Trick Index: Emerald
Sagacious Joker N°4 Trick Index: Emerald
Secret Mathematician N° 2 Trick Index: Gold
Seeing is BelievingTrick Index: Sapphire
Show Me the CardTrick Index: Silver
Signed Card IN EnvelopeTrick Index: Bronze
Simple Card RiseTrick Index: Crystal
Sitting on the CardTrick Index: Iron
Sleight of FootTrick Index: Emerald
Snap ChangeTrick Index: Bronze
Somersaulting Pack of CardsTrick Index: Gold
Spectator Does ItTrick Index: Crystal
Spectator is a MagicianTrick Index: Gold
Spectator Stabs the CardsTrick Index: Sapphire
Spellino (Impromptu)Trick Index: Sapphire
Spellino ClimaxTrick Index: Sapphire
Subliminal InfluenceTrick Index: Sapphire
Sudden SandwichTrick Index: Diamond
Super Card SwitchTrick Index: Platinum
Suprise!Trick Index: Crystal
SurpassoTrick Index: Sapphire
Switch Colour ChangeTrick Index: Emerald
System for any Spelling Card TrickTrick Index: Bronze
Telephone MysteryTrick Index: Sapphire
The Book ChangeTrick Index: Sapphire
The Bottom CardTrick Index: Sapphire
The Broadway RiseTrick Index: Bronze
The Card that Finds ItselfTrick Index: Silver
The Cardini Colour ChangeTrick Index: Gold
The Carlyle AcesTrick Index: Bronze
The Chosen OneTrick Index: Stone
The CircusTrick Index: Stone
The Colour Divination Trick Index: Silver
The Daley ReverseTrick Index: Gold
The Dream CardTrick Index: Silver
The Halved CardTrick Index: Silver
The Hidden CardTrick Index: Gold
The Homing BellesTrick Index: Emerald
The Horowitz Rising CardTrick Index: Emerald
The ImpossibleTrick Index: Crystal
The Mystery CardTrick Index: Silver
The New SpellTrick Index: Gold
The PilesTrick Index: Sapphire
The Princess Card Trick (Perfected)Trick Index: Gold
The Red and the BlackTrick Index: Gold
The Redhill Four AcesTrick Index: Diamond
The Rising PackTrick Index: Gold
The ShamanTrick Index: Emerald
The Slammer CardTrick Index: Crystal
The SweetheartTrick Index: Sapphire
The Three AcesTrick Index: Iron
The Unbelievable PredictionsTrick Index: Silver
Three Card Monte OutdoneTrick Index: Diamond
TouchTrick Index: Platinum
Touch-Variation Trick Index: Platinum
TV TranspoTrick Index: Sapphire
Twisted-TwiceTrick Index: Diamond
Two Card ControlTrick Index: Sapphire
Ultimate Ace AssemblyTrick Index: Sapphire
Under CoverTrick Index: Bronze
Undetectable Stop TrickTrick Index: Gold
Uni-MentaliltyTrick Index: Silver
Unknown LeaperTrick Index: Sapphire
Up Your Sleeve Trick Index: Iron
Upside DownTrick Index: Iron
Vanishing CardTrick Index: Bronze
Visual Card MeltTrick Index: Iron
Whispering SpellerTrick Index: Crystal
Wink ChangeTrick Index: Crystal
Wizard Spelling MasterTrick Index: Emerald
X-Ray Trick Trick Index: Gold
You Selected the ....Trick Index: Emerald
Your Ace?Trick Index: Silver
Your Card Trick Index: Emerald
Zen´s Card Miracle Trick Index: Sapphire
Zens´ Miracle Pocket To Pocket TrickTrick Index: Platinum

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