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Nickname:  Tabasco
Membership Level: Platinum
E-mail :
Moderator: Yes
Location: The Netherlands
Type of magic: Cards, flourishes, and coins
Quote: If you can´t stand the heat, then don´t tickle the dragon 
member since: 4th of April 2005
Account activated: yes

Tricks submitted by Tabasco

# of tricks submitted: 80
2 Card FlightTrick Index: Gold
2 of a KindTrick Index: Bronze
21 cardsTrick Index: Guest
3 Amazing Parts of ´Card to Pocket´Trick Index: Gold
4 Friendly KingsTrick Index: Gold
4 Friendly Kings IITrick Index: Gold
A Fool`s BetTrick Index: Bronze
A Poker Players PicnicTrick Index: Bronze
Ace PartyTrick Index: Bronze
Ace, go to that place!Trick Index: Bronze
After DrinkTrick Index: Bronze
All The AcesTrick Index: Silver
Almost EmbarassingTrick Index: Silver
Amazing AcestopperTrick Index: Platinum
Amazing predictionTrick Index: Iron
Appearing CardTrick Index: Bronze
Back FlipTrick Index: Bronze
Blaze of GloryTrick Index: Emerald
C.S.ITrick Index: Emerald
Card in Wallet PredictionTrick Index: Silver
Card JumpTrick Index: Iron
Card SitterTrick Index: Silver
Card Switch Under HandkerchiefTrick Index: Iron
Changing Card in HandTrick Index: Platinum
ChasedTrick Index: Iron
Chicago Opener (Red Hot mama) easy variationTrick Index: Crystal
Cut To ItTrick Index: Guest
Do as i do - In SynchTrick Index: Guest
Down to the Last CardsTrick Index: Iron
Egg A la CardTrick Index: Platinum
Elementary, My Dear WatsonTrick Index: Gold
ESPTrick Index: Gold
False Cut 1Trick Index: Guest
False Cut 2Trick Index: Bronze
False Cut 3Trick Index: Bronze
False Cut 4Trick Index: Bronze
Follow the LeaderTrick Index: Platinum
Fool-Proof Reversed CardTrick Index: Iron
Four coin assemblyTrick Index: Gold
Four JokersTrick Index: Emerald
Hands of the packTrick Index: Guest
I´ll Guess Your WeightTrick Index: Diamond
If at firstTrick Index: Diamond
Impossible Card LocationTrick Index: Silver
Impossible mind readerTrick Index: Bronze
Mafia CardsTrick Index: Platinum
Magic Magnets Color SeparationTrick Index: Iron
Magic RiffleTrick Index: Iron
Magicians ClockTrick Index: Iron
MAGNETICTrick Index: Gold
My favorite easy falsecutsTrick Index: Guest
Never the Wrong CardTrick Index: Platinum
Paul Harris´s ResetTrick Index: Platinum
Presto PassTrick Index: Bronze
psychic solutionTrick Index: Iron
Re-appearing AcesTrick Index: Silver
Real HypnotismTrick Index: Sapphire
Second ChanceTrick Index: Platinum
Simple Cut and FindTrick Index: Iron
Spectator Performs a TrickTrick Index: Bronze
The Black JacksTrick Index: Diamond
The Card TransformerTrick Index: Iron
The Changing AceTrick Index: Bronze
The GlideTrick Index: Iron
The Memorized DeckTrick Index: Bronze
The Sisters TrickTrick Index: Gold
The Wizard Takes a HolidayTrick Index: Platinum
The WWW Card revelationTrick Index: Iron
Three Card MatchTrick Index: Platinum
Three ChancesTrick Index: Gold
Top & TailTrick Index: Sapphire
Traveling AcesTrick Index: Sapphire
Turn Around DeckTrick Index: Silver
Two Card Invisible FlightTrick Index: Platinum
Vanishing CardTrick Index: Silver
What`s on Your Mind?Trick Index: Crystal
Where´s the Card?Trick Index: Silver
Who`s The MagicianTrick Index: Silver
Your Favorite AceTrick Index: Crystal
Your favorite queenTrick Index: Crystal

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