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22nd of December 2008
We had a mail bug on the site, which stopped mails from being send. As of today this should be fixed.
25th of October 2006
FC.contest has ended. We have a winner, or actualy two winners. Check the home page.
6th of September 2006
I found a major issue in the rating system. When using Internet Explorer you couldn't give a rate after you had scrolled down on the trick page. This should be fixed by now. Please let me know if it isn't working in your browser
1st of September 2006
We have added the "Trick of the Week" page. Here all members can see a trick that changes every week. Regardless the level they are on. Thanks to andrewshen123 for the suggestion.
30th of August 2006
We have added our FC.contest, so enter and win a instant membershiplevel upgrade.
28th of August 2006
Unfortunately there was a DDoS attack on one of our servers and we had to move the site to another IP address so you could have experience an outage. All should be fixed now.
24th of August 2006
We have a major issue with sending the news letter, for those who didn't recieve it please click on this link. We will try very hard to fix the issue before we send the next newsletter.
24th of August 2006
There were some major issues with submitting tricks, those are fixed now. There was also a major issue with the screen loaderpage, to redirect users with a small screen, this is fixed aswell.
23rd of August 2006
We have successfully re-launched our website with the new design and many new features.
12th of August 2006
We are currently working on the re-design of We will add many new features and a complete new look.
16th of January 2006
A long time no news, but here an update. We have updated the top trick list and the rating system. Only tricks that are rated 5 or more times will show in the list and you can't rate your own tricks anymore. Site is going realy well, we have passed trick number 1200 and member number 1000. This calls for an new e-book. Yeah yeah working hard on it.
14th of July 2005
I have added a new search based on ratings to the advanced search page, I do hope you find it usefull.
8th of July 2005
We have launched a new version of today. We do hope you enjoy the new features
16th of May 2005
It's amazing, within 2 days we received over 40 new tricks. and 30 new members. And of course we have our first manuscript, which you receive when you submit a new trick. keep up the good work guys.
14th of May 2005
It's been a while since I have added some news, but on the other hand nothing much changed. Except that we are now have more then 180 tricks and over the 100 members. And I positively suprised about the quallity of tricks that are posted. Some of them are just awesome. I'm still working on the transition to PHP (instead of ASP), so that I can host this website at a proffesional hosting company. When that has been done we can start thinking about videos and so. So keep posting those tricks.
29th of April 2005
We have passed the 100 tricks. Keep up the good work, on to number 200 LOL
28th of April 2005
Some user had problems with submitting tricks, I think this has to do with Firefox, but it looks like that I fixed it.
21th of April 2005
I had to redesign the website in order to make it faster, and to give it a clearer menu structure. Today we launched the new version of the site. I do hope you like it. Please let us know what you think of it.
18th of April 2005
I have added user comments to our tricks so you can submit comments, and you can now add a reference or the original author to your tricks. Further more I have added the multiple pages module to the search results. The amount of tricks is getting bigger so we need more overview in these results.
10th of April 2005
Everything is working, all search and admin functions are in place and we have a listing on Banner exchange is in place and the indexes are growing.
8th of April 2005
Did a little bit of rework on the design, and decided that we need a guides and FAQ's section, so the buttons are in, but we have to wait on the content. Also decided that we don't need a guestbook, too much work to build and doesn't really add anything.
6th of April 2005
I have added the latest functionallity, everything is working except for some moderator functions. So you can update your profile and we can now automaticly accept your tricks.
5th of April 2005
We are officially live!!! Spread the news! You can add tricks and we will make sure that these get added to the database, so you will get upgraded.
4th of April 2005
You can sign up now but I'm still working on the trick submit page so no submitting yet, nor tricks.
3rd of April 2005
Most of the pages are working, and you can contact me via the contact page. There are no tricks in the database yet and it is not possible to sign up. But we are almost there.
2nd of April 2005
On the 1st of April 2005 I came to the idea to build this site. From that moment on everything went very quick. The domainname was registered and a website was born. I do hope you all enjoy this site and that we can bring this to a success.
We are not responsible for the content on this website, due to the fact that people can freely post tricks, messages and comments.
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