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Why donations? Hosting a website, can be done for free, but that limits the web space, or when you host from home, it limits the bandwidth and speed, and most of all the reliability. Therefore we had to move to a paid provider, so you guys could get reliable and fast access to a lot of tricks.

And those hosting providers ask money. But then you will say, “you have Google Ads on”, yes we do but to be honest they pay really shitty. The real reason for those is that we see it as a service for you so you get more dynamic links to other magic websites and shops. And all the other banners on our site are only there to generate more exposure (banner exchange).
So why up my level when I donate? We have noticed that it gets harder for new members to submit tricks that are not already in our indexes. Besides that we want to give something in return when people donate. Therefore we thank you for donating by upgrading your membership-level. It still will be a donation and not a purchase. will stick to the original philosophy and it will all be about exchanging tricks for tricks.
Currency We decided to only allow donations in Euros (€). This is because we already have to pay for paypall and we want to prevent that we also have to pay the exchange rates. for you it shouldn't differ because Paypal accepts allmost every currency. We hope you do understand.
How can I donate? We only accept donations made via PayPal, which is a secure way to pay over the internet. It does accept all major credit cards and other way of paying. And you can sign up for free. And they don't charge you extra.
So use the buttons on the bottom of this page to make the required donation.

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