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Top 5 rated tricks
Amazing prediction
Nemesis (alternate method)
Different kind of tossed out deck

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top 50 Tricks
The top 50 tricks with the highest rates. Please make sure that we you are on a trick page that you rate it. That way you can show the other members that you appriciate there trick (or not).

1: |5.1|Amazing prediction
2: |5.1|Jeopardy
3: |5.0|Different kind of tossed out deck
4: |5.0|ShapeShifter
5: |5.0|Nemesis (alternate method)
6: |4.9|Chicago Opener
7: |4.9|Ambitious, Ripped, Changed, and Restored, Card.
8: |4.9|A Star Wars Card Trick
9: |4.9|2 card monte
10: |4.9|Not So Ambitious
11: |4.9|superman (instant sadwich)
12: |4.9|The Herrmann Pass
13: |4.9|Chicago Opener (Red Hot mama) easy variation
14: |4.8|Card Sitter
15: |4.8|The Secret Mathematician No 1
16: |4.8|Back Flip
17: |4.8|Twisting Dai Vernon
18: |4.8|Blue Force
19: |4.8|Gemini Twins
20: |4.8|The Convincing False Cut You´ve Never Seen
21: |4.8|Red Hot Mama (variation)
22: |4.8|Slap a card through the table
23: |4.8|Floating Ring
24: |4.8|Double Coincidence
25: |4.8|Blaze Cut Tutorial
26: |4.8|Google Finds The Card
27: |4.7|Changing Card in Hand
28: |4.7|A Poker Players Picnic
29: |4.7|Cards of Chance
30: |4.7|Jokers wild
31: |4.7|The shirt off my back..
32: |4.7|Anniversary Waltz
33: |4.7|3 card monte
34: |4.7|Feel the Ink
35: |4.7|4 Mind´s Think A-Like
36: |4.7|Aces find card
37: |4.6|Righting a wrong
38: |4.6|card penitration
39: |4.6|Erdnase Change
40: |4.6|Three Card Match
41: |4.6|X-Rated
42: |4.6|anti gravity beer
43: |4.6|Simplicity
44: |4.6|Ace Sandwich 2
45: |4.6|Memorized Deck
46: |4.6|one hand shuffle
47: |4.6|4 kings from middle of the deck
48: |4.6|UFO Card
49: |4.6|Phsychic Card
50: |4.6|Card Sandwich Effect

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